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Krazy Netz offers a variety of unique designs and colors that are sure to catch the attention of any basketball player, young or old. Our nets are perfect for retailers and wholesalers looking to offer their customers a fun and stylish addition to their basketball hoops. 

As a authorized sales partner, offering Krazy Netz basketball nets is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition. Our unique designs and high-quality construction make Krazy Netz a must-have item for any basketball player or fan. Positioned as a premium brand with attractive eye-catching packaging, Krazy Netz generous gross margins can rapidly transform underperforming and low-profit accessories.  The small storage footprint of our nets allows you to offer a better variety of a more profitable product in the same shelf space.  

Sales partner programs are readily available for operations of any size or scale - whether your store is a small-market brick-n-mortar operation or a regional sports accessory chain.  E-commerce drop-ship white-label fulfillment is a great way for online operators to expand their product line.   Add Krazy Netz to your product line today! Krazy Netz Reseller programs are now available for retailers, grocers, distributors, and other tax-exempt organizations.  In addition to our rack-ready packaging, retail displays can be shipped to you completely stocked (with your choice of nets), assembled, and ready to sell.  Each display holds 36 nets.  Seasonal and tournament promotional displays can also be designed to compliment other "promotional items" in 1 or 100 locations.  

For complete details, pricing, and terms, please complete the application below.  We offer easy online partner ordering for those looking for a simple web-based portal For the advanced seeking a more direct PO / Shipping process, API access/integration is also available.  You can also reach a Wholesale Advisor at 913-322-2845.    


 To get started, please complete the Krazy Netz Reseller Application